Do you desire to feel fully ok with being a seasonal, emotional human whilst also having a thriving, intuitively guided business? You do? Awesome, you’re in the right place.

How good would it feel to have a peaceful business that supports all of you?
How good would it feel if it was as simple as fully be-ing yourself?

If you want an intuitively structured business that hold space for all of you – your moods, creative ebb & flow and also the unexpected moments that is the human experience- I’m here for you. Let’s explore and transcend what stands in the way of you living the life you desire.

I welcome you to my 1:1 support menu;
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Now moment support – business, life & creativity.

– Let’s connect around what’s going on in your life and business, and bring a new perspective / approach to what’s present in your world.

Whatever might be going on in your creative life & business, let’s connect around it and feel our way forward.
Gain clarity and new perspectives as I have the gift of seeing things from many perspectives and corners, and also bring potential ways you can support yourself and balance whatever feels challenging, exhausting or whatever else.

+ This offer is for you wherever you are on your creative journey. Managing life, ideas, money, business, job, family, health, stress, the world.. or anything else, can be deeply overwhelming at times. I’m here to support you to regain your sense of balance.
Be seen in your present moment and put the “mask” of strength and perfection down for a day, allow reality to be as it is, and allow a new way of being to emerge.

= Exchange 150 euro.
A day of interactions through Dm. My brilliance shine cleary through written words, so don’t let that stop you. 

Creative audit – my eyes on your work.

– Refinements for a clearer energetic message and visual impact.

Feel soulfully & energetically grounded with your website and/or Instagram. Share words and visuals that feel true to your intention, unique creative essence and heartfelt expression.
I will put my focus and intuitive way of seeing and sensing energy to find the places where I see unused potential or stagnation/energetic misalignment.
I will offer ways to refine and adjust what I see, so that you can implement to your taste for a more aligned online presence.

+ This offer is for you if you already have a presence online but you feel confused/uncertain if your uniqueness is fully felt in your expression. Or you feel overwhelmed and drained by all the “inspiration/ do it this way / distractions” out there. This offer will guide you home to your own truth by focusing on what is really important and relevant for your business/brand.

= Exchange from 200 euro.
I will go through you website &/ Instagram and share everything I see and feel, in an unfiltered yet empowering way. You will receive a written visual summary (pdf) within a week. 

Mood visuals & design support.

– A visual exploration to find your/your brands unique design style. 

Whether you desire guidance on how to find your unique visual expression or support with design ideas for your creative business, I’m here to support you, cuz I just love everything about creating, exploring & refining.

+ This offer is for you if you want to dive into your likes/dislikes likes and receive clarity on what motivates you. We will explore what feels juicy to you, your/your brand’s aesthetic preferences and discover what feels true and good in your body. Get clear(er) on what you/your brand’s genuine expression is.
Psst. – It’s all about what comes naturally to you and through you – and trust that it’s enough.

+ This is also for you if you want to brainstorm visual ideas to feel into, so you can find your unique style and share online with less mental pressure.

= Exchange from 300 euro. An interactive week of mood, visuals and aesthetic exploration. This offer can be live and or email/chat. 

One month journey for planting and nourishing your heart’s dream seed.

– Exploring what might be standing in the way from you living your heart’s creative dream.

If you are feeling stuck in fantasy land whilst your dream is continuing to call you, this might be for you. We will explore what may be standing in the way of you actually putting your uniqueness into the world. We will also focus on practical ways to support you in planting your dream seed and nurture it into a thriving expression/business by being yourself fully and wholeheartedly.

+ This offer is for you if you know you are here for greatness but several “failed” attempts to birth your vision have made you doubt if it’s truly possible for you to live the life you feel is meant for you. You know who you are and are clear on your gifts, yet it hasn’t fully come together in the tangible world (yet).

I’m not here to tell you what to do, or anything of that kind. What I do offer is my experiences, perspective, embodied transformation and investigative nature that doesn’t stop searching until the core of the matter is uncovered. From there we build a solid foundation aligned with your uniqueness, values, style and vision.

= Exchange from 1500 euro. Application by email, this is deep and personal – it has to feel right, and when it does, massive transformation and expansion is available. This offer is a high-touch bespoke experience.
Email to: 

This offer open again in October. Sign up for my waiting list.


It’s been a revealing couple of weeks lately, where so many insights have blessed my life.
Most of them have been around Ó. and my relationship to my creativity, aesthetic preferences and energy vs that of Ó.

How I came to create jewelry was very unplanned. The dream has always been there, deep in my heart, but I guess I for most of my life didn’t feel it was possible for me to venture down that particular path.
It wasn’t until I met this bunch of dull looking vintage brass that I had a response of just Yay from every cell in my body. It’s near the three year mark of that moment, and I love crafting in brass and creating beautiful things.

The shift I felt when Ó. moved into it’s own website.. is almost beyond words. 

I held Ó. back for several months trying to fit it into my own website, by trying to share the energy in Swedish.. when it’s always been clear to me that English really is the language of preference for Ó.
It never felt good, yet I was determined to try to please the projections of needing to have “all my creative expressions in one easily accessible place” – ugh. 
Trying to make it work, in a way that both looked and felt good (incredibly important to me) was near impossible and I reached the point where I doubted.. everything.

The energy of Ó. has always been bigger than me, it’s a vision that’s co-creating with and through me.. but it’s not mine to carry. And I did try to carry it, smother it and also put it into my own preferences. No wonder it didn’t flow.. and my body got overwhelmed from all the mental “trying to figure it out’ness”.

When I decided to re:enter the world of Instagram Ó. began speaking to me again, in a way that I temporarily forgot about.. The naturalness was coming back.
The words that felt juicy, the mood visuals that made my day, and the details that just inspire my soul deeply – it all came back.

The core vision of Ó. came back.

It’s not up to me personally, as an individual, to keep Ó. alive, or nurture it to my own depletion – it’s a sovereign capable energy of and in itself. And I reached a pivotal point in truly seeing and feeling this when Ó. moved away from home, so to speak.

A heaviness lifted from my shoulders, a depleting responsibility left my life and there I was, experiencing clarity of what I am called to offer to the world. What my personal passion really is.

Enter my creative 1:1 offerings.

I am co-creating with Ó. and fellow creatives in the energy of Ó.’s core vision – the movement isn’t mine to curate or keep going, but one to allow myself to be held by and experience together with Ó. and others.

It’s a big shift, and it feels amazing!

I would be honoured to hold space for your own creative liberation and expansion.

With love,


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