I asked this on Instagram..

Where are you at in your life, and where do you wish you where?
What is the dream that keep calling you, that you know is right for you.. even if there are little to no evidence of that being true (yet)?
What feels like big roadblocks you can’t see your way around?
How does success and thriving in your own way look and feel like?

I received this..

Dreams of owning property and building something beautiful and supportive to a community. Some place I can use to build connection and growth.
Money always feels like the roadblock. Something inside of me feels like the opportunity will arise when it’s meant to, that no dream exist for no reason.


My first thought is related to money..
What does money symbolise to you?
What will they bring you that make the path to your dream open? Or more open?
Is there any way you can allow that energy to nourish you before the money comes to you in a physical way?

Obviously money is, in our current world, needed to buy property and fulfil this dream.. but often, speaking from my own experience, we allow the lack of the resources we need to hold us back from actually moving at all.
It’s unlikely that you would know where and how to live this dream if 100 millions landed in your lap right now. Or maybe you do know exact where and how..? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s about the money, but it’s also..not about the money.

The roadblock you feel, named money in your answer, how does that block feel in your body? What does it bring up? Despair? Hopelessness? Sadness? Fear?..
Liberation, clarity, and a possible next step often ask from us to feel the feels before we are given an “answer”. (do I dare say, especially as wave beings..)

I heard this interesting thing a few days ago, related to lack. The idea was that whatever external thing we search for, it’s something we can’t or don’t give ourselves.
I could feel truth in that, feeling in to my own life and experiences so far. The lack we experience is an area where we don’t fully nourish ourselves. Still chewing on this perspective myself.

So, is there a way to more fully experience and live your dream here and now? What feels like a potential next step?

My next thought is if you allow yourself to tap into your dream..

Do you allow yourself to look for the property of you dream, even if you don’t have the money to buy it?
Or is it too emotionally intense to even consider finding the “right” property and not being able to get it? If so, can you allow yourself to feel through all the feels and liberate a part of you – and also potentially minimise the “risk” of having to experience that play out in physical reality.

From what I feel and have seen, You seem to already move in the direction of your dream. Does that feel true to you? Have you become so dreamy about the “big dream” that you don’t see what you are already creating and nourishing?

The ways in which you build community and connection, how can you move that to the next level? Are you truly recognised in your role and vision in these settings?

Do you have people in your life who share your vision and want to co-create it with you?

What kind of support would bring your vision closer?

Hope you found this supportive in some way.

(and yes, I believe that dreams are in our heart for a reason)


I find it so fascinating that this question came in.. because I relate very much to the situation & dream shared here.

The movement Ó. hold within it’s essence, is a support network for fellow creatives to co-create in different ways to help each individual thrive in their uniqueness and also boost the resources available for us all to build our own dream lives.

With love